Rocky Top Winery


As lifelong residents of the Gerty, OK area, Bobby and Wilma Harden had always wanted to diversify their cattle ranch into something a little more fun. They both enjoy a good glass of wine from time to time and thought that a little out of the way retreat might be good a way for them to spend their retirement. It wasn't easy but the Hardens sculpted their property into a quiet little winery and vineyard. After a few years of work and preparation, Rocky Top Winery is now open for business and the Hardens are retired from their "town" jobs and are living the life they always wanted out on the ranch. Come by and spend a little down time with Bobby and Wilma any time you can. It's good to slow down a little and enjoy the peace and charm of a rural Oklahoma winery. In 2014, they were the subject of a Land Doctors episode that you can see below.