Sweet White Wines

Gold Nugget - A peach wine with the luscious scent of ripe peaches that explodes from this exceptional crisp, flavorful white wine.

Miss Kitty - A Strawberry Riesling with very light hint of strawberry and perfect for summer evenings.

Moscato - A light fruity white wine with hints of citrus and slightly sweeter than a Riesling.

White Muscadine - This wine begins right here on our property...we grow and crush the grapes ourselves. This wine embodies woody and sweet flavors.

Tropical Paradise - Light refreshing sweet white wine with flavors of pear and pineapple.


Red rock - Raspberry a blush wine that offers the succulent flavors of sweet ripe raspberries.

Summer Fun - Sweet blush wine with watermelon flavors...perfect summer wine to enjoy on the patio or at the lake.

Sweet Reds

Red Muscadine - A sweet fruity red wine, with robust berry flavors...made exclusively Muscadines to produce an intense red table wine high in antioxidants.

Concord Grape - Rich sweet red wine with the robust flavor of Concord Grape.

Black Diamond - A full bodied red fruit wine, low in tannins with a tart yet rich of vigorous berry flavors.

South if the Border - Orange Sangria, a sweet red wine with juicy hints of orange flavors.

Cranberry - Crisp taste of fresh cranberries blended with a fruity sweet plum red wine.

Dry White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc - This white is know for grassy herbal aromas and citrus flavors, producing a fine dry and refreshing wine.